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Understanding You Workshop 

The “Understanding You” is a unique, intensive, and highly interactive program. It is designed to equip you for your next level of business and personal success through a series of teachings and practical assignments. This workshop will put a demand on your purpose, destiny, talents and help you discover your strengths, weaknesses, and your true authentic self.

"Understanding You" Workshop

Cost: $60.00

~ "Understanding You" Curriculum 
~ Workbook
~ Classroom Supplies
~ Continental Breakfast, 
~ Lunch

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"Understanding You" Certification Workshop

Cost: $250.00

~ "Understanding You" Class
~ Life Coaching Curriculum 
~ What a Life Coach Is and Isn't 
~ How to Life Coach
~ How to Get Started
~ Marketing and Branding 
~ "Understanding You" Teacher's Manual
~ 10% Discount off of the "Understanding You"Student Hand Guide  
~ Continental Breakfast
~ Lunch

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