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High Heels Society

What differentiates one person from another may truly boil down to individuality; knowing how to be your true self and knowing where you fit.

Years ago, women made up a small percentage of the workforce, while today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics women currently make up 47% of the workforce according to the Department of Labor Statistics.

Although given the opportunity to obtain high-level careers, our roles as women have not changed, rather increased. We are not only, employers or employees, but we are also still wives, mothers, sisters, friends, etc. Because we have multi-dimensional roles and our resources are often concealed, there is an underlining assumption that as women with high-profile careers and positions, we have it all under control.


More than ever before being your best is paramount. As such differentiating factors and having a competitive edge, bottom line at knowing yourself and where you fit, not just to have success in your homes and workplaces but also in your relationships and lives.

For these reasons, "HIGH HEELS©" presents a gathering place for women in the business world and high profile. This highly interactive organization zeroes in on some of the critical issues that today's women face while collectively providing dynamic solutions. "HIGH HEELS©" is exclusively designed to empower today's marketplace woman to step into her perfect fit.

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