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Karen Robinson

Karen is an internationally recognized leadership expert in the corporate world, author, speaker, and life coach. She helps to develop leaders by teaching them to reach their audiences through compassion, candor, and communication.

Karen Robinson is a veteran in ministry with over thirty years of experience. As the founder of Raven's Hope International, an organization that empowers and transforms the lives of young women in Cambodia, Karen teaches a message of hope, unity, and teamwork. She believes that the wine is in the cluster, not in the grape and that personal destiny is only accomplished when it is cultivated and united with the personal destinies of others.

She is also the founder of Solomon's Porch Women’s Society, an amazing ministry founded in 1998, with chapters throughout the United States. Solomon’s Porch touches the lives of influential women in the entertainment industry, NBA players wives, NFL players' and coaches' wives, MLB players' wives, and also includes Governors, Mayors, Diplomats, and Pastor’s wives.

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